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It's been a while since we last updated due to work commitments & such. This time, we're back to give you the lowest prices possible for all our last pieces as well as some new stocks which we have yet to unveil before closing the business after 3 wonderful years! However, this is not a long goodbye as we hope to be back bigger & better!

Pls note that we will be updating periodically, so do check in every week for new goodies @ great prices as EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Friday, April 3

Tartan Tootsies

Reviewed by Detailed Wears !!

Reviewed by How To Vogue

Charles David

Our version of the Plaid Peep Toe

(click on the pics to get a clearer view of the colour & print)

Light Green & Dark Green side by side
Dark Green
Light Green

Classy & cute.. This plaid heels are just perfect for the office with a 'Gossip Girl' edge!
  • Made from velvet/suede like material
  • Tartan print
  • Peep toe
  • Chrome stiletto heels
  • Pretty bronze soles
  • Superb workmanship and material quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 8.3cm/3.25 inch heel
  • Made in Korea
Tartan Tootsies are available in:
Goldish Yellow 36/4
Goldish Yellow 37/5
Goldish Yellow 38/6
Goldish Yellow 39/7

Light Green 36/4
Light Green 37/5
Light Green 38/6
Light Green 39/7

Dark Green 36/4
Dark Green 37/5
Dark Green 38/6
Dark Green 39/7

RM 57
RM49 incl postage!