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It's been a while since we last updated due to work commitments & such. This time, we're back to give you the lowest prices possible for all our last pieces as well as some new stocks which we have yet to unveil before closing the business after 3 wonderful years! However, this is not a long goodbye as we hope to be back bigger & better!

Pls note that we will be updating periodically, so do check in every week for new goodies @ great prices as EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Wednesday, May 6

Circular Cincher

Featured in Stylish & Covered
Reviewed by Shopping Clicks! & Style2.Info ~ Thanks dearies!

This rounded belt is simple, plain & classy. A 'must have' accessory in anyone's closet. Goes well with practically anything & everything and wide enough to create that slim waistline you crave :) We absolutely love the one in brown - the earthy tone is so vintage-like!
  • Enamel coated round fastener
  • Reptile print faux leather
  • Medium stretch
  • Width: approx. 8cm
Free Size (fits up to a 31 inch waist)

Circular Cincher comes in:
Vintage Brown x 2
Black x 3
Barley White x 2

RM 35
RM26 incl postage!

Status: 3pcs sold. Available in Black & White