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It's been a while since we last updated due to work commitments & such. This time, we're back to give you the lowest prices possible for all our last pieces as well as some new stocks which we have yet to unveil before closing the business after 3 wonderful years! However, this is not a long goodbye as we hope to be back bigger & better!

Pls note that we will be updating periodically, so do check in every week for new goodies @ great prices as EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Wednesday, December 8

Little Drummer Girl *New Stock*

both pics above: credited to attires attic
We couldn't resist bringing in this gorgeous dress for you girls this holiday season. The cut is simply divine & the padded shoulder with cascading chain epaulets totally channels band chic! All you need is a great pair of sky-high booties & a pretty, sparkly headband to finish off the look GG style!
p/s - if chains & epaulets are not your thing, it can easily be cut-off for a more simple & elegant look =)
  • Stretchable cotton-lycra
  • Padded one-shoulder with chain detailing
  • Elasticized gathers along both sides enables length to be adjusted to preference
  • Length: 82cm (while laid flat)
  • Free size: fits UK size 4 - large 8 best
Little Drummer Girl comes in:

Restocked in:

RM 49
Purchase With Purchase: RM45

Status: Last piece in Red